Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck back together? Matt Damon says ‘that would be awesome’

Separate pictures of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at Vax Live concert
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez both participated at the “Vax Live” concert May 2 at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium.
(Emma McIntyre / Getty Images, left; Valerie Macon / AFP/Getty Images)

The Bennifer plot thickens.

There was new dish out Tuesday regarding the recent reunion of former flames Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck — and longtime pal Matt Damon was among those weighing in on the situation.

“I love them both. I hope it’s true. That would be awesome,” Damon told the hosts of “Today” just moments after laughing and telling Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie that there was “not enough liquor in the world” to get him to spill his thoughts.

Damon, who was video-conferencing in from Australia on Tuesday, said he had just heard the two hosts discussing the “fascinating story” about his friends while he was waiting to go on air.


TMZ further stirred the pot earlier in the day with a report that Affleck had written Lopez a host of allegedly “loving and longing” emails in February. She was in the Dominican Republic at the time shooting “Shotgun Wedding,” before her official breakup with fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

The website’s sources said that while there had been no “physical contact or rendezvous” between the “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl” costars — who got engaged in 2003, then broke up in 2004 — Affleck and Lopez had corresponded the whole time she was on location.

The two were spotted together at her L.A.-area home just two weeks after her mid-April split from A-Rod, then again as they spent “several days” together last week in Montana.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who were engaged before breaking up, have been spotted together 17 years after their split. The internet is intrigued.

May 10, 2021

J.Lo and A-Rod’s relationship appeared to have been on rocky ground for a while, including a reported breakup about a month before the former couple officially shared the news. They had been engaged since March 2019 but put off wedding planning due to the pandemic.

Rodriguez might not be taking the Bennifer buzz very well. E! News reported Monday afternoon that the former New York Yankees star was “saddened” and “upset” to hear that his ex was hanging out with her ex.

“A-Rod is shocked that J.Lo has moved on,” a source allegedly close to the “On the Floor” singer told E! “He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him.”


Meanwhile, “Jersey Girl” director Kevin Smith took the opportunity Monday to tell people where the portmanteau “Bennifer” came from: him.

“‘Bennifer’ is trending,” Smith tweeted. “It’s a name I first gave the kids during ‘Jersey Girl’ pre-production, before the world found out they were dating. I’d later drop the name in an interview with the @nytimes. Shortly thereafter, it appeared in the article and then entered the vernacular.”