Halyna Hutchins’ gravestone: ‘Her light shapes our lives’

Halyna Hutchins' grave marker reads, "Her light shapes our lives. Keep chasing your vision."

Halyna Hutchins’ grave marker. Her ashes are being interred in a private family ceremony.
(Hutchins family)

Halyna Hutchins’ ashes will be interred in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends, a representative for the Hutchins family said Friday in an announcement that also included new comment from the late cinematographer’s husband, Matt Hutchins.

Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed last month on the New Mexico set of the film “Rust” when a gun used by actor Alec Baldwin during rehearsal fired a lead bullet, not a dummy round.

The tragedy triggered an industry call for tighter safety standards on-set, including eliminating the use of real guns and dummy rounds of any kind. The investigation, including who is responsible, is ongoing.


The family declined to say where Hutchins will be interred. In a statement emailed to The Times, Matt Hutchins said: “Halyna was the love of my life, and our loss of her has devastated our family’s dreams. We feel the silence of her being forever gone as a suffocating stillness in our home. Our love and adoration for her grows as we tell her story, and we hope her work can inspire filmmakers and storytellers around the world. We thank the many generous supporters who have been so thoughtful in our time of loss.”

A photo provided by the family shows Hutchins’ grave marker, which notes her ASC designation (for membership in the American Society of Cinematographers) and has artwork of a movie camera and film strip. The stone is etched with two lines of text: “Her light shapes our lives,” and “Keep chasing your vision.”

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, one of American Cinematographer’s Rising Stars, was killed on the set of ‘Rust.’ Here’s everything we know so far.

March 7, 2024