Ellen DeGeneres says ‘Mother Nature is not happy with us’ amid California storms

Ellen DeGeneres in a blue button up shirt
Ellen DeGeneres at the premiere of “Green Eggs and Ham” in November 2019 in Los Angeles.
( Mark Von Holden / Invision/Associated Press)

Ellen DeGeneres called for climate-change action as she stood alongside a roaring creek behind her Montecito home on Monday.

The television personality shared the firsthand account of the severe flooding hitting Santa Barbara in a Twitter video. DeGeneres showed her followers the surging water and informed them that Montecito had been ordered to evacuate.

“We are on higher ground so they asked us to shelter in place. Please stay safe everyone,” she captioned her video.

The Duke and Duchess’ Montecito estate falls within the boundaries of an evacuation order issued by Santa Barbara County. Other celebrity homes are also at risk.

Jan. 9, 2023

In her post, the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” host said the extreme flooding came at the five-year anniversary of the “fire and mudslides that killed [so many] people and people lost their homes, their lives.”


“This is crazy — five-year anniversary,” she said, wearing a hoodie in the rain. “We are having unprecedented rain. This creek next door to our house never flows, ever.”

DeGeneres posted her video shortly after the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management ordered all residents of the seaside town to “leave now.”

Pounding rain prompted major evacuations Monday in Santa Barbara County, including for all of Montecito as well as surrounding communities.

Jan. 9, 2023

The comedian is among celebrity residents affected by the Montecito evacuation order. Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also have homes in Montecito.

“We need to be nicer to Mother Nature,” DeGeneres concluded her video. “Because Mother Nature is not happy with us.”