‘Euphoria’ star Angus Cloud is sought for questioning in connection with a hit-and-run

Angus Cloud
(Vikram Valluri / Born & Raised)

On “Euphoria,” Angus Cloud plays the bad boy, but now IRL, the cops would like to have a word.

California Highway Patrol officials want to question him in connection with a hit-and-run that took place Tuesday in Marina del Rey.

TMZ reported that a witness told them that Cloud and another male were cruising around in an SUV before rear-ending a white Toyota RAV4. The witness said they then sped off into a nearby parking lot, before leaving the scene.


According to the news outlet, at least one person in the Toyota suffered injuries to her legs and arms, with bruising and redness.

TMZ reported that law enforcement sources said “while the ‘Euphoria’ star is not officially a suspect in the case, his name has been floated for possible involvement,” and they want to speak with him regarding the incident.

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The California Highway Patrol told The Times on Wednesday that the investigation was ongoing.

“At this time we’re only receiving information that they were describing the driver as an actor in ‘Euphoria,’” Officer Alec Pereyda said.

“We cannot confirm or deny if it is Angus Cloud or not, but we do have information with people describing him as an actor in ‘Euphoria.’”

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“Euphoria” fans are, naturally, flooding the comments section of Cloud’s Instagram.


@tdeemons02 commented on the actor’s most recent post with “Ay bruh the police looking for you” and @torrance.jade said, “Yo if you need a place to hide I gotchu jus hmu 🤙”

Twitter fans also weighed in.

@rayyygun quote-tweeted a Pop Crave post about the incident saying, “angus cloud is a method actor let him go.”

According to the CHP, Cloud has not yet been reached for questioning. The Times also reached out to Cloud’s team for comment but has not heard back.