Calendar Feedback: Readers invite a politician to see a musical and bid ‘Ted Lasso’ farewell

Liz Larsen, Zachary Prince, Daya Curley, Adina Verson and Sarah Stiles laughing and smiling
Liz Larsen, Zachary Prince, Daya Curley, Adina Verson and Sarah Stiles as the Pfefferman family in “A Transparent Musical.”
(Craig Schwartz)

Will call for tickets

Regarding “Heartfelt, chaotic reunion,” Charles McNulty’s review of “A Transparent Musical,” and “It’s a family story” by Ashley Lee:

I hope the Center Theatre Group has extended an invitation to presidential hopeful and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to attend “A Transparent Musical” so he can see that transgender people are created in God’s image, just like he is, are within the broad definition of normal human beings and are nothing to be afraid of.

Daniel Fink
Beverly Hills

The rise and fall of cable news

The article by Stephen Battaglio and Meg James on CNN [“CNN chief faces crisis,” June 6] fits perfectly with what has happened in my family.


I stopped watching CNN news programs because of its right-wing tilt and its “Trump can do no wrong” conservative panelists.

My mother, on the other hand, is a Trump supporter and Fox News junkie. I’ve chided her for years (since Trump became president) that watching Fox makes her ignorant of the facts. Defensively, she says that she watches CNN too.

Today she can boast two sources of ignorance. Are you happy now, Mr. Zaslav?

Donna Sloan
Silver Lake

The end of the feel-good series

I could not agree more with television critic Robert Lloyd’s column “‘Ted Lasso’ team has its heart in the game” [June 6]. The series was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Would that there were many more like it.

Regarding it being the final season, in baseball they say, “say it ain’t so, Joe.”

Kathy Filatreau


I find it’s so much nicer to smile while watching a television show than hating some characters. Robert Lloyd’s column on the “Ted Lasso” finale was great. I watched the show before reading column and agree 100% with it.

I had hoped that Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and the good-looking mystery man from Amsterdam would get together.

I’m glad someone agrees with me.

Cookie Miller
Los Angeles