COVID hits the Emmys: Presenters will be wearing hazmat tuxedos. Yes, really

A mannequin in a tuxedo hazmat suit guards the Emmy statuettes in preparation for the 72nd Emmy Awards Sunday.
(Lindha Narvaez / ABC)

In true 2020 style, the trophy presenters at Sunday’s Emmy Awards are wearing … tuxedo hazmat suits.

“Not only is this a fun and irreverent visual,” a press release said. “But it also ensures the health and safety of all of our winners and the presenter by following all of the health and safety protocols — with a twist.”

The apocalyptic suit, designed and created by executive producer Guy Carrington and costume designer Katja Cahill, is modeled after a formal tuxedo. This year’s nominees, however, might not be dressed quite as dashingly.


The virtual show’s producers sent out an informal dress code in July, which many nominees seem to be following to a T (or a T-shirt).

Stylists to the stars expect a high/low mix that includes loungewear, tuxedos — and a get-out-the-vote message.

Sept. 17, 2020

“Come as you are, but make an effort!,” they wrote, suggesting both traditional formalwear or loungewear.

So far, the virtual red carpet has seen a mix-and-match approach: “Succession’s” Nicholas Braun showed up in a tuxedo and loungewear;“The Good Place’s” Jameela Jamil rocked pajamas from L.A.-based store JJwinks; and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s” Jane Lynch rolled up in a formal jacket with pajama bottoms.

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Sept. 20, 2020