Motel in ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is up for sale in Canada

On the set of "Schitt's Creek"
On the set of hit comedy “Schitt’s Creek” in Ontario, Canada, in June 2019.
(Cole Burston / For The Times)

All you need is your own Stevie Budd.

The Ontario hotel used as the exterior for the Rosebud Motel on the hit comedy “Schitt’s Creek” is now for sale and could be yours for a cool $1.6 million.

The property, called the Hockley Motel in real life, sits on 6.7 acres of land 90 minutes outside Toronto, with easy access to the Nottawasaga River for rainbow trout fishing.

The motel includes 10 rooms, as well a two-story manager’s suite and a separate cottage.

In honor of the series finale of “Schitt’s Creek,” Times television critic Robert Lloyd looks back fondly on his encounters with the cast.

April 8, 2020


While the Hockley doesn’t include the famous signage for the Rosebud, its exterior is unmissable as the makeshift home of Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Alexis (Annie Murphy) and David Rose (Daniel Levy) after the IRS seizes all of their belongings.

Interior shots of the Rosebud and the rest of the motley town of Schitt’s Creek were shot on set in Toronto.

The fan-favorite Pop TV comedy, which found legions of viewers via Netflix, ended in June after six seasons, followed by award-show domination at this year’s Emmys and the Golden Globes.