Guests on Sunday Talk Shows: Ro Khanna on ‘Fox News Sunday’; ‘60 Minutes’ on CBS

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Fremont) speaks at a podium.
Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Fremont) will be a guest on “Fox News Sunday.”
(Associated Press)

CBS News Sunday Morning (N) 6 a.m. KCBS

Good Morning America (N) 6 a.m. KABC

State of the Union Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco); Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen; Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.). (N) 6 and 9 a.m. CNN

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.); Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Fremont). Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Edward Luthy, DC Vault. Panel: Bret Baier; Julie Pace, Associated Press; Juan Williams. (N) 7 a.m. KTTV; 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. Fox News

Fareed Zakaria GPS Colin Powell remembered; tension between China and Taiwan: author Richard Haass (“The World: A Brief Introduction”); author Oriana Skylar Mastro (“The Costs of Conversation: Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime”). China’s weapons tests: David Sanger, New York Times. The legacy of Angela Merkel: author Kati Marton (“The Chancellor: The Remarkable Odyssey of Angela Merkel”). Afghanistan: Mahbouba Seraj. (N) 7 and 10 a.m. CNN


Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.); Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.); Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare); former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell. Panel: Charlie Kirk, Turning Point; firefighter Dylan Lindberg. (N) 7 a.m. and noon Fox News

The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.); Melanie Campbell, Black Women’s Roundtable; former Ambassador to U.N. Andrew Young; State Rep. Ross Wilburn (D-Iowa); Steve Schmidt, Lincoln Project. (N) 7 a.m. MSNBC

Face the Nation Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.); Gita Gopinath, International Monetary Fund; Zalmay Khalilzad; former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb. (N) 7:30 a.m. and 2:45 a.m. KCBS

Meet the Press Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC; Sen. Angus King (I-Maine); Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). Brendan Buck; Eugene Daniels, Politico; María Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino; NBC; Ayesha Rascoe, NPR. (N) 8 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. KNBC; 1 a.m. MSNBC

This Week With George Stephanopoulos Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. China: Steve Ganyard; Bonnie Glaser. Panel: Chris Christie; Donna Brazile; Jane Coaston; Sarah Isgur. (N) 8 a.m. and 2 a.m. KABC

Reliable Sources With Brian Stelter Dangers of “both-siderism” in political coverage: Jackie Calmes, Los Angeles Times. Facebook accountability and transparency: Sen. Richard Blumenthal, (D-Conn.); Suzanne Nossel, Facebook Oversight Board. New research on YouTube: Katie Paul, Tech Transparency Project. The biggest media stories of the week: Kara Swisher; Mara Schiavocampo; Philip Bump, Washington Post; Oliver Darcy. Political chaos: author Jay Van Bavel (“The Power of Us”). (N) 8 a.m. CNN

MediaBuzz Kat Timpf; Mo Elleithee; Neil Cavuto; author Meghan McCain (“Bad Republican”). (N) 8 a.m. Fox News

CBS News Sunday Morning (N) 10 a.m. KCAL

Frank Buckley Interviews Author Brian Greene (“Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning”). 4:30 p.m. KTLA

60 Minutes A former top intelligence official in the Saudi Arabian government, Saad Aljabri, claims the kingdom’s ruler plotted to kill him and has taken his children hostage; dropping Colorado River water levels; Michael Keaton (“Dopesick”). (N) 7 p.m. KCBS

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Movies on TV this week: October 24: ‘Frankenstein’ (1931) and ‘Young Frankenstein (1974) on TCM; ‘The Exorcist’ on AMC; ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ on Encore

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2:19 p.m. Oct. 23, 2021: Updated guests for “Reliable Sources” on CNN.

6:15 p.m. Oct. 22, 2021: Added guests to “Meet the Press” on NBC.