Banksy back in Los Angeles?


Could Banksy soon be back in L.A.? A new image on the elusive graffiti artist’s website has street art fans buzzing.

Banksy’s homepage has been switched to show a single piece depicting a tagger vomiting flowers blooming up the side of a wall.

The stencil is wrapped with the message “Better out than in. October 2013.”


While the location of the mural has not been pinpointed, signs reading “Banksy Oct. 2013” have reportedly surfaced around Los Angeles.

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The British-based artist was last in town in 2011 when “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” a documentary in which he appeared (albeit with his face and voiced masked), was up for an Oscar.

While the film lost out to “Inside Job,” L.A. was left with a series of Banksys, including “Crayola Shooter” in Westwood and “The Charlie Brown Firestarter” on Sunset Boulevard.

Angelenos will soon have chance to buy a Banksy: A mural created by the artist in 2008 will go on the auction block Dec. 5 in Beverly Hills.

“Flower Girl,” which was cut from a gas station wall in Hollywood, could fetch as much as $300,000.


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