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‘Illumetric’ brightens Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood

“Illumetric,” a new public-art installation by Shana Mabari, is on view in West Hollywood along Santa Monica Boulevard near La Cienega Boulevard.
(Erich Minh Swenson)

The approximately three-mile stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard that bisects West Hollywood has served as a showcase for art installations that occupy the thoroughfare’s grassy medians.

The latest work of art to take its place along the frequently congested boulevard is a geometric light installation titled “Illumetric” created by Los Angeles native Shana Mabari. The piece consists of three variegated, large-scale sculptures that emit a colorful glow in the evening and nighttime. 

“Illumetric,” which went on display earlier this summer on Santa Monica Boulevard near La Cienega Boulevard, will be on view until next summer.

Mabari, who hails from the Fairfax district, said in a recent interview that the installation is “a study of color, geometry, light and scale."  She said the pieces were conceived with the knowledge that they would be “competing with trees and buses and cars.”


Each sculpture can function as “two pieces, depending on lighting. There’s a daytime and nighttime look, kind of like us." 

The artist said the sculptures are acrylic with steel bases. One piece is a large-scale, blue diamond-like object. The other two are cube-like in construction and arrangement. The installation’s colors include red, yellow, white and blue.

The work is part of West Hollywood’s Art on the Outside program, which showcases works of public art throughout the city. A West Hollywood spokesman said the city’s portion of the budget for “Illumetric” is about $24,300.

The sum covers fees related to site-specific modifications, engineering and insurance. Mabari owns the sculptures and will retain ownership after the installation period ends. 


The artist said she hopes the public will appreciate her new work, but she acknowledged that such displays can backfire. Last year, West Hollywood officials reported that part of an outdoor art installation titled “Cloned Bulldogs With Water Bottle” had been stolen. The work of art was located on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Given the size of ‘Illumentric” -- the tallest object stands about 10 feet tall -- theft will be a rather difficult task. "If anyone can steal these pieces, I wish them luck,” she said.

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