Occupy Wall Street targets Frieze art fair in New York

Protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York in 2011.
(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

After speaking out against the Whitney Biennial, the Occupy Wall Street movement has now set its cross hairs on another art world institution -- the Frieze Art Fair in New York.

As reported by the Art Newspaper, the subgroup of Occupy Wall Street known as Occupy Museums is targeting Frieze for what it sees as the “financialization” of the art world. The call to protest comes on the heels of news of a labor dispute between Frieze and a New York carpenters union, which claims the art fair doesn’t meet labor standards.

The report states that Occupy Museums plans to protest through traditional placard bearing as well as through “the free exchange of art,” which would involve a public barter system for works of art.

The Art Newspaper quotes a spokeswoman for the art fair saying: “Frieze has a track record of producing high-quality art fairs and has contracted reputable local vendors with the appropriate skills and experience.”

Frieze is set to take place at Randall’s Island in New York in early May. The global art fair organization is headquartered in London.

In February, Occupy Museums called for the cancellation of the 2014 Whitney Biennial in New York, saying the event “upholds a system that benefits collectors, trustees, and corporations at the expense of art workers.”


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