Bravo’s ‘Work of Art’ appears unlikely to return for 3rd season

Simon de Pury and Sarah Jessica Parker in an episode from the first season of "Work of Art" on Bravo.

The art-themed, reality-TV series “Work of Art” on Bravo appears to be kaput after two seasons, although no official announcement has been made by the cable channel.

On Tuesday, the website GalleristNY reported that Bravo isn’t bringing the series back and that its producers are shopping the show to other channels. A Bravo spokesperson told The Times that no official decision has been made regarding the return of “Work of Art.”

But a source close to the channel said it was “unlikely” that the show would return for a third season on Bravo, which is a division of NBCUniversal.

“Work of Art” was a creation of Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company Pretty Matches. The “Sex and the City” actress served as an executive producer for the reality show and put in an occasional cameo appearance.


The series pitted a group of artists against each other in a chance to win a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. For each episode, contestants were asked to create unique pieces of art in different media, such as painting, sculpture and photography.

The first season of “Work of Art” debuted in 2010. The show featured a number of high-profile, art-world personalities, including New York magazine critic Jerry Saltz as a judge and auction-house executive Simon de Pury as a mentor to the contestants. China Chow, daughter of restaurateur Michael Chow, hosted the show.

“Work of Art” also featured guest appearances by some notable artists, including Andres Serrano, Richard Phillips and Will Cotton.

Earlier this month, Bravo debuted a new art-themed reality series, “Gallery Girls.” The show follows a group of young women trying to make it big in the New York art scene.



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