Hillary Clinton gives first post-nomination TV interview to ‘Fox News Sunday’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at a Tampa, Fla., campaign rally last week.
(Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton is giving Fox News her first sit-down TV interview after receiving the Democratic presidential nomination.

Fox News announced Wednesday that Clinton will appear with anchor Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” The Washington-based public affairs program airs on the Fox broadcast network and is then repeated throughout the day on Fox News Channel.

Wallace told viewers Wednesday that it took 15 months to secure the interview. “I’ve had a file of questions I want to ask her and keep updating it,” he said.

Clinton rarely appears on Fox News Channel, where most of its commentators are highly critical of her politics and personality.


However, that could be changing as she seeks more independent voters and Republicans disenchanted with the GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton did participate in a “town hall”-style program with Fox’s Washington anchor Bret Baier during the primary season in March and spoke to him again in June after she secured enough delegates for her party’s nomination. She also phoned in to “The O’Reilly Factor” after the terrorist attack in Nice, France, earlier this month.

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