Paramount, Google start on ‘Interstellar'-sparked ‘time capsule’ film

Time capsule
Inspired by “Interstellar,” Paramount Pictures and Google Play are teaming up to develop a “time capsule” short film documentary capturing people’s precious moments of life on earth. Above, Matthew McConaughey, who stars in “Interstellar.”
(Google / Paramount Pictures)

Paramount Pictures and Google have started taking submissions for a “time capsule” short film documentary inspired by Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar.”

The studio and Internet giant are asking fans of the film to share memories and highlights of their “life on earth” to help “preserve the past.” Filmmakers David Brodie and Angus Wall will turn selected submissions into a film that Nolan will curate.

“Let’s give future generations a way to remember where they came from,” actress Anne Hathaway, who plays Brand in the film, said in the time-capsule project’s promotional introduction video.

“What are the moments that best represent mankind’s time on earth?” Matthew McConaughey, who plays Cooper, echoed in the video. "Tell us. Show us. Inspire us.” 


The project is part of the film’s innovative marketing campaign, which launched in October. The campaign brings Nolan’s film and Google platforms together for one immersive experience: the “Interstellar Space Hub.”

Using platforms such as Google+, Google Play, YouTube and Google for Education, the Hub allows users to immerse themselves in the Nolan film, which opened in wide release on Nov. 7.

The three-hour film follows Cooper, an engineer and pilot who has been called upon to lead an expedition through a wormhole to find a hospitable new planet for humanity because Earth is turning into a giant dust bowl. His costars include Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Hathaway, Wes Bentley and David Oyelowo.

Upon entering the Hub, users are told they can start their own “space hunt” by clicking around the galaxy. As users click on stars and various other clues, they can unlock new movie-related factoids.


In addition to the space hunt, users can look up show times, learn more about different film platforms (70mm, 35mm, 70mm Imax, digital motion picture viewing), purchase tickets and partake in Google+ Hangouts.

Memories for the time capsule can be submitted on the Hub’s website through Dec. 15.

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