Golden Globes 2015: Dispatches from inside the room

‎Away from the podium, wedged between the closely arranged dinner tables, during commercial breaks, there is a different experience of the 72nd Golden Globes on Sunday night. Times reporter Amy Kaufman worked the room and shared these moments:

"I think it's going over well."


That was Mark Ruffalo's review of the in-progress show while waiting in line for the bathroom with his wife.

"North Korea — it's all fair game. I was glad they mentioned 'Je suis Charlie.' I did love that."

Ruffalo added: "It's good we know that there's stuff going on outside of this room."


Reese Witherspoon was apparently able to score more than just the requisite plus-one to the Golden Globes: In addition to her husband, Jim Toth, she invited "Wild" author Cheryl Strayed and the writer's husband.

Dressed in a red Badgley Mischka gown Strayed purchased herself — though she had help picking it out from her Portland, Ore.-‎based stylist — Strayed said she would wear it again.

"I'm a writer who spends days in her PJs," she joked.

Flanked by Witherspoon, Strayed was brought over to Jennifer Aniston's table for an introduction. Aniston gamely embraced the author as the three posed for a photograph.


"You're kicking ass," said Louis CK, embracing Kevin Hart during a commercial break. "Just fiercely talented and hilarious."

"I watch everything you do," Hart replied.

Their lovefest concluded, we asked CK what he thought about hosts Tina Fey and Amy Pohler jokes about Bill Cosby.

"Pretty funny," he smiled. "Great jokes from very funny people."

Then he spotted Robert Downey Jr., and moved on to give him a big hug.


"Baby!" Iron Man yelled.


"I'm too drunk to answer anything real."

That was Kate Mara's reaction when asked what she thought about the references throughout the show to cultural events. "Of course they are talking about that stuff. There's more going on than ever."

Overhearing the conversation, Kevin Spacey — with whom Mara had been holding hands throughout the evening, quickly got up. "And that's my cue to leave!"


"I love the Je Suis Charlie stuff," Felicity Jones said. "It's so important that it be discussed."

Jones, who was seated next to Eddie Redmayne and his new wife, smiled at the couple's affectionate interactions.

"How cute are they?" she asked.

A moment later she stifled a yawn. Asked if she'd be awake enough to make it to any parties, she smiled enthusiastically: "Oh, I'm gonna party my face off!"

Later, after Redmayne accepted the award for actor in a drama motion picture, "The Theory of Everything" actor returned to his table and received a huge standing ovation from his crew.

His wife, who looked as if she had been crying, wrapped him in a hug for what seemed like a minute.


Lorde wandered over to Lena Dunham's table during a commercial break, where the "Girls" creator was gabbing with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

"You look sooo gorgeous," Dunham exclaimed, referring to the pop star by her real name, Ella. "Who are you sitting with? We'd really like to have you. Taylor (Swift) is going to meet us at the HBO party. I'll text you."


As Anna Faris rushed back to her seat, she stopped to awkwardly ‎tap Ralph Fiennes on the shoulder. "I'm such a big fan," she gushed.


"I think I missed my category," "True Detective" director Cary Fukunaga said after returning from the bar and learning "Fargo" had won for TV  movie or miniseries. But he said he didn't really care. "I'm having fun."

His famous braids were gone, however, having been straightened into long locks. "You gotta change it up," he said.

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