Gold Standard: Monica Potter dishes on ‘Parenthood’ series ending


“Parenthood’s” Monica Potter dropped by the Los Angeles Times’ office the other day and dished on the series’ just-finished fifth season, along with providing a few thoughts on what she’d like to see happen when the show wraps next year.

Potter’s character, Kristina Braverman, is a relatable wife, mother and friend, equal parts irritating (the character, Monica, the character) and empathetic. She has gone through a lot over the course of 90 episodes -- parenting a son with Asperger syndrome, battling breast cancer, dealing with survivor’s guilt when she beats it. “I’m done with tears,” Potter tells us. “I want to laugh a lot next year.” Can’t exactly blame her there.

Potter made us laugh a lot, talking about “Parenthood” drinking games, pitching a possible “Benson”-like spinoff for Kristina in a world in which she had won her mayoral bid from this season (“B Squared” she calls it for “Boss Braverman”) and giving into a Pauly Shore movie in one particularly weak moment at home alone.


She also names her favorite “Parenthood” scene, identifies what actress she imagines as Kristina’s mom and relates how the show has informed her own parenting skills. Potter is candid, charming and kept us on our toes. Have a listen, won’t you?

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