Here’s why Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis sound so good dueting

Will Forte talks about doing karaoke with Jason Sudeikis on the TV show ‘The Last Man on Earth.’

Throughout the past season of “The Last Man on Earth,” you saw Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis duet … and duet ... and duet on “Falling Slowly,” the deeply emotional, Oscar-winning ballad from the 2007 film “Once.” It was their slow jam, about the only thing their characters – brothers with a serious sibling rivalry – could agree on.

The actors’ harmonizing sounded practiced – and for good reason. It turns out the former “Saturday Night Live” cast mates have sung “Falling Slowly” more than once at karaoke nights around Los Angeles and New York.

“We do a lot of karaoke together,” Forte told us in a video interview when he stopped by The Envelope studio at The Times. “We go and sing songs for hours and hours, getting into some deep cuts, but ‘Falling Slowly’ is one we do every single time.”

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Other songs in heavy rotation, per Forte: REO Speedwagon’s “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” and Heatwave’s “Always and Forever.” (And don’t think they can’t deliver the goods on chord-crunching rockers as well.)

The relationship between Forte and Sudeikis’ brothers was one of many interesting, considered and brave choices made during “Last Man’s” stellar second season. Forte discussed all of it – the big themes of grief and responsibility, the bizarre haircuts, the farts sealed in jars – as well as what might be in store next season. (Parenthood!)

Forte continues to be grateful (and a little amazed) that the quirky show found a home on a broadcast network like Fox.

“This is how the show would be if it was on a cable channel -- with probably less F-words,” Forte says. “But I love saying ‘friggin.’ Now in real life I say ‘friggin’ instead of the other one, the legitimate F-word.”


To understand why that may be a relief for Forte’s mom, watch the full interview here.

Will Forte talks about his TV show “The Last Man on Earth.”