Read Jason Sudeikis’ full Emmy acceptance speech: ‘Heck of a year’

A mustachioed man points and smiles
Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso.

Co-creator and star Jason Sudeikis won the Emmy for lead actor in a comedy series on Sunday for Apple TV+’s inspirational sports comedy “Ted Lasso.”

Wow. Thank you very much. So, yeah, heck of a year. I would say that, you know, this show’s about family, this show is about mentors and teachers, this show is about teammates, and I wouldn’t be here without those three things in my life.

First off, I want to thank my folks, Dan and Kathy. I want to thank my sisters, Kristen and Lindsay. I want to thank my sisters that have been chosen through outside of biology, like Rachel. I want to thank my children, Otis and Daisy.


Mentors and teachers: I want to thank people like Mick Napier. Folks at Second City, iO, the Annoyance. I want to thank folks at “SNL.” I want to thank Lorne [Michaels], who went to go take a dump now, perfect. He’s gonna get home, he’s gonna watch it — he loves watching the Emmys at home. It’s fine, it’s fine. Which home is the big question.

And I want to thank my teammates. I want to thank my teammates that help make this show. Brendan [Hunt] and Joe [Kelly], first and foremost, from the get-go. Bill [Lawrence]. I want to thank our incredible writing staff, I want to thank our incredible directors, I want to thank my incredible cast. Look, I’m only as good as you guys make me look. So really, it means the world to me to be up here and just be a mirror of what you guys give to me and then we reflect back and forth on each other. So, thank you so much.

I want to thank our COVID crew from this season. I want to thank everybody that’s helped us out. My manager Geoff Cheddy, another person that probably falls under all three of those categories. But thank you, again. Thank you to the academy.

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Sept. 19, 2021