Emmys 2012: ‘Homeland’ star Damian Lewis dreams of a ginger baby

After sweeping the drama actor and actress categories at the Emmys on Sunday, “Homeland” stars Damian Lewis and Claire Danes are planning to celebrate in a very special way.

“We’re going to go away to a romantic island together, just for the weekend,” Lewis kidded backstage after picking up his gold statue. “When that baby is a ginger, you guys are going to have a field day.”

Though Lewis had a playful tone in the press room, he also took the opportunity to discuss more serious issues -- namely, the political state in America.

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“I think there is a particular polarization in your political landscape at the moment,” the Brit said. “I think there’s a problem socially between rich and poor -- but hey, guess what, that’s the same in my country, so we’re all struggling at the moment a little bit.”

But television, Lewis added, serves as “the great democratic art form” because most Americans have TV sets.

“It promotes conversation ... [when] something becomes part of the national conversation like ‘Homeland,’” he said. “The show succeeds in being a thrill-ride ... it turns out that people like to feel anxious and get their pulses racing on a Sunday night. It’s politically current and that grounds it in a reality -- and people are responding to it for that reason.”

As for beating out category favorite Bryan Cranston, Lewis said he’d gotten to know the “Breaking Bad” star during the recent “pre-awards merry-go-round” and called him a “sweet, lovely, funny man.”

“I love him already, and I was quite convinced that he’d be walking up again tonight,” he said, “because I’ve also been catching up with ‘Breaking Bad’ -- mostly out of politeness, because I feel like I should know what my competitors are doing.”

In an ideal world, all of his fellow nominees would take home prizes, he said, continuing his acceptance speech theme that art should not be judged.

“I’ve been to awards shows where five guys are nominated and five guys walk away with a little trophy -- and that would really be my preference.”



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