Emmys 2014: Christina Hendricks on an ‘incredibly emotional week’

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in “Mad Men,” Season 7.
Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in “Mad Men,” Season 7.
(Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)

Christina Hendricks is, as she puts it, “a major sleeper.”
The “Man Men” actress, who plays the show’s sexy, behind-the-scenes power player Joan Harris, was caught off guard today by a 5:45 a.m. phone call.

“I actually thought voting started today, not the nominations,” she says is a still-sleepy, scratchy-sounding voice. “Then my publicist called — in my sleep, it was like: ‘Who’s calling me at 5:45 in the morning? Must be a telemarketer! — so I didn’t answer. Several calls later … I honestly was blown away.”

Really? After shooting six seasons and with five Emmy nominations already?
Yes. Because it was a different kind of season for us, it was a shorter season. We only had seven episodes. We’ve been tremendously lucky. Maybe I’m just a pessimist — you know, ‘This can’t go on! People have been way too nice to us.’ So it was a nice surprise.”  


Given the show is speeding to a close once and for all, is this round of Emmy nominations more emotional than in past years?
We wrapped up shooting last week — so it’s been an incredibly emotional week all around, yes. It’s really nice to have this good news and celebration today after eight long years of hard work, just that we’re still in the game. In the past, we’ve gone to the Emmys and know we can go back to work together soon, but this time it’ll feel more like reunion. So it feels super special that way. But we always have a good time, no matter the outcome — whether we win or lose — we’re a celebratory crew that way.

What was the last day of shooting like?
After every person’s last scene, everyone rushed on stage. It was like a day long of cheers. I think we all stayed there until 4 a.m. on set, just hanging out. I had a little group of people over the other day — I’m already missing them.

Without giving anything away, where do you think your character Joan Harris ends up in, say, 20 years?
I think Joan’s incredibly powerful, and I think throughout the seasons there’s been her strength at work and at running the show — and always looking for love. That’s where I see her: She’s gifted and talented at work and struggling to find someone to love.   

Are you much of a TV-watcher outside of “Mad Men?”
I’m kind of a TV-aholic. I’m a night owl, that’s what I do at night. I watch “House of Cards,” “True Detective,” “Breaking Bad.”  I have a bad habit for reality shows. 


Were there any names you were sorry to see not recognized by the academy?
Obviously, I always want our cast — we’ve been lucky to be nominated so many times, but none of the actors have actually won an Emmy — so I would have liked to see more of our cast nominated.

They’ve done some of the most exceptional work they’ve done in this season — especially Elisabeth Moss. But I’m biased, that’s my team, my family.

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on NBC Monday, Aug. 25. The ceremony, being held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, will be hosted by Seth Meyers.

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