Emmys 2014: Seth Green 'thrilled' with 'Robot Chicken' nominations

Emmys 2014: Seth Green 'thrilled' with 'Robot Chicken' nominations
Seth Green says he was initially confused by the early-morning call about his Emmy nominations. (Getty Images for Montblanc)

Seth Green's creative versatility is by no means breaking news. The lively actor, writer and producer has gained notice for his amusing roles both in animated creations and on-screen. Even so, the 40-year-old was "thrilled" to find out early Thursday that he had been nominated in the Emmy voice-over category for "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise." "Robot Chicken" was also nominated for short-format animated program.

Where were you when you found out about the nominations, and how did you hear?


I was just waking up. The call coincided with my alarm. It was really confusing, actually. I tried to get at the gym at 6:30 a.m. and thought it was my alarm.

I forgot that it was happening. It's sad to be waking up so early to go to the gym. But I was thrilled. It's thrilling for us to be nominated. You never expect it. It's comforting. We work all year on the show, and it takes a lot to make it. You don't know if anyone pays attention to it, let alone like it. To be considered is such an honor.

"Robot Chicken" has been on since 2005. What's made it so durable?

We always try to write things we find funny that are current, nostalgic, silly and affectionately poking. We aren't hypocritical, and [we] try to celebrate the silliness of stuff. The spirit of it is positive overall.

How do you make it still connect with the audience?

There's only so much that we can do to make jokes about things that seem more indelible. We try to target the kinds of topics and icons that last more than a day, more than a month, more than a year. ... But it has to be funny on its own. [You have to] make sure that it's successful.

There are also hyper-specific jokes for as many as 10-20 people in the audience. When they hear it, it blows their mind. We like to bring on new writers with different points of view on a central speaking point. Soap box sounds too authoritative. The show is like a microphone.

How do you feel about your Emmy category?

I’m a big fan of “South Park.” That category is huge. “Bob’s Burgers,” “Archer,” there’s a lot that we like. ["Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"] was nominated in the half-hour category. It’s a really big year.

The coolest thing happened last year: We were nominated in this group and all people in the category are people we know, we respect and have known for seven years. That’s the most amazing part -- to be considered amongst your peer group. We just try to live up to that and do our best to ... always be inventive.

The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcasted live on Monday, Aug. 25 on NBC. The ceremony, which is being held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, will be hosted by Seth Meyers.