Jonny Lee Miller talks ‘Elementary,’ Sherlock Holmes and tattoos

Jonny Lee Miller, star of the hit CBS television series “Elementary,” joined us for a video chat in which he talked about playing a contemporary version of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes opposite Lucy Liu’s Watson.

Miller touched on the challenges of playing such a well-known and beloved character and answered questions from readers, offering tips on memorization and telling of his relief that he wouldn’t have to worry about covering up his tattoos for the role.

Reviewing the series when it premiered in the fall, Times television critic Mary McNamara praised “Elementary” for delivering “characters at once solidly modern and true to the canon” created by Arthur Conan Doyle.


Care to investigate a little deeper? Pull up a chair and replay the chat. But be sure you’ve watched the season finale. Miller has much to say on the episode’s big reveal.


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