Adam Sandler, Katherine Heigl lead Forbes’ overpaid-actors list

Actor Adam Sandler leads Forbes' 2013 list of the most overpaid actors.

Actor Adam Sandler leads Forbes’ 2013 list of the most overpaid actors.

(Kathy Kmonicek / Associated Press)

Smile, Adam Sandler — the joke’s on you! Or maybe the joke’s on us, the collective moviegoing audience?

Sandler leads Forbes’ 2013 list of the most overpaid Hollywood actors, with “Jack & Jill” and “That’s My Boy” as cases in point, illustrating the kind of product that served up only a $3.40 return on every star-salary dollar spent. (“Grown Ups 2" missed the cutoff.)

Forbes assembles the top 10 list using data from Box Office Mojo combined with salary data found in its own annual Celebrity 100 list, which cuts off at June 2013. It considers an actor’s three most recent films made over the last three years, released before June 1.

Katherine Heigl came in at No. 2 on the list, returning only $3.50 on each dollar of salary. Think “Killers” and “One for the Money.” Reese Witherspoon was No. 3 at $3.90 per dollar.


Funny guys Kevin James and Steve Carell came in fifth and seventh respectively, at a laughable $6.10 and $10 per, with Carell choking on “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” and James tripping on “Here Comes the Boom.” James was bookended by Nicolas Cage at $6 per and Denzel Washington at $10.

So who, you may ask, of Hollywood’s acting elite is worth what they’re paid? Well, last year the magazine’s “best actor for the buck” was Natalie Portman, at $42.70, with Kristen Stewart No. 2 at $40.60.

Wrapping up the overpaid list were Jennifer Aniston at $10.60, Matt Damon at $10.60 and Ryan Reynolds at $10.70.

Would somebody buy these folks a hit? Though it appears they could buy one on their own if they wanted to.



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