Angelina Jolie (kind of) talks about her divorce from Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie appeared Friday in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, at a press conference.
(Tang Chhin Sothy / AFP / Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie is keeping it family-friendly as, in the course of promoting her new movie set in Cambodia, she finally answers some questions about her pending divorce from Brad Pitt.

Key words in her answers: Family. Um, family. And — did we mention “family” already?

“It was a very difficult time,” the actress and mother of six told the BBC when ever-so-gently asked about her high-drama September split. “We are a family, and we will always be a family. And we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it.”


On “Good Morning America,” Jolie said, “We are focusing on the health of our family, and so we will be stronger when we come out of this, because that’s what we’re determined to do as a family.”

And is Papa Pitt still part of that family, asked “GMA” anchor George Stephanopoulos. “Of course. Of course,” the “First They Killed My Father” director said. “We will always be a family.”

Jolie’s responses are a slightly more human-sounding echo of a statement that the former couple’s teams released jointly in January after Brad and Angie finally got on the same page regarding custody of the kids and stopped taking public shots at each other in court filings.

“The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification,” the statement said, immediately putting most people to sleep.

Perhaps that consumer-unfriendly sentence, which mentions neither family nor a stronger family, is a wee part of why Jolie may be looking around discreetly to hire a Hollywood-type publicist to help her with her image, as Page Six reported last week.

Doing so would be a change for the actress, who for years has gone without a typical public-relations person. (At the height of the media frenzy around her divorce and subsequent legal clashes with Pitt, she hired a crisis management firm.)

Now, as a palate cleanser after being hijacked by the word “effectuate” in a story about a celebrity, we strongly suggest you watch the following video of Jolie and the kids cooking and eating insects.



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