Billy Ray Cyrus endorses Patrick Schwarzenegger: ‘He’s a good boy’

Billy Ray Cyrus appears to have Patrick Schwarzenegger's back after his daughter Miley Cyrus' boyfriend ran into some public embarrassment over vacation photos.
Billy Ray Cyrus appears to have Patrick Schwarzenegger’s back after his daughter Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend ran into some public embarrassment over vacation photos.
(Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

Billy Ray Cyrus is on Patrick Schwarzenegger’s side when it comes to the younger man’s spring break adventures in Mexico.

“He had fun,” Miley Cyrus’ dad told a videographer who asked his opinion about his daughter’s boyfriend’s recent vacation activities. TMZ had the exchange.

“He’s a good boy.”

Schwarzenegger was captured in photos recently as he did a body shot off a woman, embraced her and held hands. Headlines subsequently sprouted, as headlines often do when a celebrity and her high-profile boyfriend are tagged in something involving pictures, swimwear and potential infidelity.


“Omg. It’s one of my best friends girlfriend...,” Schwarzenegger tweeted after the pics blew up courtesy of the Internet. “Girls have guy friends and guys have friends that are girls...”

That was 10 days ago. Schwarzenegger hasn’t tweeted since.

Now, Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t exactly known as a hard-core enforcer of appropriate youthful behavior, but there’s a big difference between turning all Papa Grizzly and giving an endorsement. The “Achy Breaky” singer clearly opted for the latter.

(At least the Cabo San Lucas vacation kerfuffle didn’t seem to make him sad. And he’s had way harsher words for “Hannah Montana” than he did for his daughter’s boyfriend.)

Meanwhile, Miley was lighting up Instagram on Tuesday and Wednesday with an X-ray of her teeth and a shot of (ewwwww!) five of the enamel-covered nuggets that apparently had been yanked out of her mouth. In a caption on a selfie showing showing gauze wadded in her mouth, she said “SAVE ME” and described herself as “MIZZY.”

So we’re guessing that “current mood” shot of Bart Simpson in an “Everything Sucks” shirt has little or perhaps absolutely nothing to do with her relationship.

After all, the cute couple was spotted laughing, kissing and holding hands during a sushi dinner date on Monday night, according to ET Online.

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