Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ reality TV star Kate Chastain arrested after assault


Kate Chastain, the chief stewardess from Bravo’s reality television series “Below Deck,” was arrested Monday after allegations of assault.

According to Florida’s Melbourne Beach Police Department, the intoxicated Chastain had bitten the forearm, inner bicep and leg of her girlfriend, Ricio Hernandez, when Hernandez returned home from work on Saturday.

After being bitten by her girlfriend, Hernandez told police that she felt her airway close when Chastain held her down and strangled her. Although Hernandez was able to get Chastain off of her, Chastain continued to verbally abuse her and told her to remove all her belongings from their home. This was the third time in the last month that she has been thrown out of the couple’s home, Hernandez told authorities.


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Hernandez alleged that after Chastain threatened to throw her out of the home, the reality TV star sat on top of her, put her knee on Hernandez’s head, pulled her hair, and covered her mouth while pinching her nose so that she couldn’t breathe. Hernandez told police it was not the first time Chastain had abused her.

The incident took place over the weekend but Hernandez didn’t report the abuse until Monday, after she was urged by her college instructor to file a police report, she said. According to the police report, Chastain admitted that the couple had a physical dispute.

The 33-year-old Chastain appeared in two seasons of Bravo’s “Below Deck.” After her arrest, Chastain thanked her fans for their support on Twitter.

“The truth will come out & I look forward to regaining peace in my life,” Chastain tweeted.



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