Chris Hemsworth has hammerlock on People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title

Chris Hemsworth, the hunky star of the “Thor” and “The Avengers” franchises, was revealed Tuesday night as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2014, with a little help from Jimmy Kimmel and his audience.

“I think you’ve bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house,” the 31-year-old told People. “I can just say to [wife Elsa Pataky], ‘Now remember, this is what the people think, so I don’t need to do the dishes anymore, I don’t need to change nappies. I’m above that. I’ve made it now.’”

Hmm. Would’ve been a more believable story, Chris, had you not first revealed she thought the honor was “pretty funny.”

The Aussie actor, who appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” via Skype from Down Under, accepted a trophy topped with a golden vanity mirror along with his title after fielding yes-or-no questions from the audience while his face and voice were disguised.


The actor would later kiss and flirt with his reflection in said mirror, a series of events which was, if not sexy, at least pretty darned cute.

“I’m most excited about the ‘alive’ portion” of the title, Hemsworth told Kimmel, who’d inquired about how it felt to be the “Sexiest Man Alive.” “And the ‘sexy’ is a bonus, so I’m flattered.”

He apparently has family support in the form of actor-brother Liam Hemsworth.

“We’ve been throwing sexy looks back and forth all week ...,” the “Thor” star said. “He’s been a real team player.”


(Now, Mr. Sexy may have been exaggerating just a little bit, as his younger sibling’s been busy in London and Los Angeles promoting his own mega-project, “The Hunger Games -- Mockingjay Part 1.” Then again, perhaps they Skyped as well.)

Chris Hemsworth, like the two sexy guys who preceded him (Channing Tatum in 2012 and Adam Levine last year) is off the market: He and model Pataky, 38, married in 2010 and have a daughter and twin boys.

She’s a lucky lady too -- it’s not every man who puts on 20 pounds of muscle before he goes to work. Then sleeps sans pajamas when he gets home.

Hemsworth gave credit to his parents for “putting all this together” and said thanks to Matt Damon, because, well, this was all happening on Jimmy Kimmel.


People’s sexiest-man double issue, which features dozens of similarly sexy guys in addition to Hemsworth, is on newsstands Friday.

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