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Gisele Bundchen planks with Fallon, touts Under Armour and corsets

What can’t Gisele Bundchen do? This week, the supermodel proved she can make husband Tom Brady pout, throw a mean punch and plank in a different kind of under armor: a corset.

She also sings, multi-tasks while breast-feeding and can rock a crew cut. But we’ve talked about that already.

The world’s highest-paid supermodel stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday to discuss her campaign for Under Armour -- a brand built on its ultra-masculine wares for male athletes -- and futher illustrate that she can get fit just about anywhere, wearing just about anything. (Even her Instagram feed has Fallon considering taking up yoga on the beach.)

First, let’s talk about the campaign: The Brazilian beauty’s latest venture features her taking out some serious aggression on a punching bag for the sportswear company. Her ad, which followed ballerina Misty Copeland’s, is the latest in the athletic brand’s “I Will What I Want” campaign, which touts its women’s line by flipping the notion of female athletic stereotypes.


So Fallon asked the 34-year-old about her paradoxical ad, which showcases a slew of disparaging comments about the supermodel and her inability to be anything more -- all while Bundchen is going to town on the punching bag.

“I like to think I’m an athlete,” Bundchen told the host. “I mean I like sports and I was thinking, I really like the idea. Their campaign is not just athletes. It’s just really about women’s strength and about ‘will what you want’ is not listening to the outside noise, and really focusing [on] your goals. So that’s the idea: It’s about empowering and strong women.”

Then this athlete showed that not only could she plank on national television -- again, wearing a corset that considerably distracted the host -- she could also do one-legged push-ups.

To be fair, as preoccupied as Fallon was with her outfit, he did it all with her in a suit, tie and dress shoes.


In other Bundchen news, her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, said he sometimes has to resort to childish measures to get the attention of the mother of his two kids. (Well, duh, she’s had her hands full earning an estimated $47 million last year...)

“I like attention from her, so when I’m not getting it I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would,” the 37-year-old NFL star told Man of the World magazine.

“You throw fits and you pout and you whine until you get what you want,” he joked, adding, “She’s on to me, she knows all of my tricks. So now I have to learn new tricks.”

Maybe Under Armour should make athletic corsets? I know exactly who could market them. Follow me on Twitter @NardineSaad.

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