Dior debuts Jennifer Lawrence ads; she talks (in)famous Oscar dress

Dior debuts Jennifer Lawrence ads; she talks (in)famous Oscar dress
Jennifer Lawrence poses for the Miss Dior handbags campaign. (Patrick Demarchelier / Dior)

Jennifer Lawrence is at it again with French fashion house Christian Dior, which has debuted the Oscar winner's latest ad campaign for Miss Dior.

The "Miss Lawrence" images mark the "American Hustle" star's third campaign with the brand and are the first to feature her pixie haircut, which is slightly longer than when she first chopped it off in November. Similar to last year's, the campaign appears just before the Oscars, where the supporting actress nominee is bound to don another Dior confection.


The actress, who has the entirety of the Dior arsenal at her disposal, has already worn a few conversation starters this award season, particularly spawning several memes (see #Lawrencing) with her black-and-white poufy selection for this year's Golden Globe Awards.

In the latest Patrick Demarchelier images, the 23-year old "It girl" wears a black coat with no top underneath and her cropped hair is windswept as she clutches the chains of a colorful handbag. Another image features "The Hunger Games" star cradling a blush satchel in her lap as she stares intently at the camera. A few other beauty shots show the actress in black and white and wearing minimal makeup.

The campaign will officially debut in Marie Claire in Britain on Thursday, then in Vanity Fair's April issue in the U.S., according to WWD.

Lawrence has been allied with Dior since 2011, when she was announced as Mila Kunis' successor for the Miss Dior handbag line. She's reportedly signed up for three more years with the luxury brand and is getting paid $15 million to boot, E! News said. Others say the deal is worth $20 million, the Daily Mail reported last month.

So we won't be seeing the actress in anything but Dior for a while, but that isn't keeping the unfiltered actress from saying how she really feels about some of the dresses she's donned from the fashion house -- including last year's Oscar gown, which she memorably stumbled over on her way to accept her lead actress award.

"I do obviously have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars, some fun, some not. They need to make it more accessible for stairs, in my opinion," Lawrence said in a video interview.

Lawrence said she selected her Oscar dress by browsing through images online.

"I saw a picture of it from the runway and it was just the most beautiful dress that I think I'd ever seen," she added.

She added that she saw the gown being hand-stitched at the Dior atelier with "no machines" in sight.

"Now I get the haute couture thing. It's a big deal," she laughed.


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