Justin Bieber caught on video peeing in a janitor’s bucket. Ick.


Justin Bieber has gone from wee pop star to wee-wee punk, getting caught on video urinating into an unsuspecting janitor’s mop bucket.

Yeah, gross.

In the video (see it here, via TMZ) shot earlier this year in New York City, the Biebs and his pals are allegedly exiting a night club the back way, through a restaurant kitchen, when the 19-year-old feels the call of nature and decides to relieve himself in what a friend calls the “quickest restroom we could find” — a working person’s yellow bucket.

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While Bieber is doing his business (isn’t that what you say when dogs go?), his friends practically cheer him on, celebrating the quasi-memorable nature of the pee party.

“That’s the coolest spot to piss,” one says. “You know, you’ll forever remember that.”

On the way out, Bieber grabs a bottle of cleaning fluid, nails a picture of Bill Clinton with the spray and cusses out the former president for no apparent reason.

Any other cleaning — we’re specifically referring to the bucket — was left to the person whose job it was to mop the floors. Either the cleaning people found out about Justin’s famous stream and had to dump the bucket somewhere and clean it out or they’re just finding out about it now, and Essence de Bieber graced the floors that night.

Either way, on their raucous way out, the posse profanely shouts, “Who are we? We the ... wild kidz, yo!”

Does this change your opinion about the Biebz, or had he already lost you along the way? Sound off in comments.



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