Kim Kardashian’s newest project: a selfie book


Leave it to Kim Kardashian to release a photo book titled “Selfish.”

Cue the smirks. Now cue them in reverse, because this entrepreneur is simply embarking on her next make-me-money-honey venture. The 352-page hardcover book, made up entirely of Kimmy K selfies and published by Rizzoli New York, is set to come out in April 2015.

That’s in addition to Kardashian’s highly successful mobile game, clothing collections and beauty products.

The 33-year-old began compiling images for the book on a trip to Southeast Asia with her family, as documented on reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Mrs. Kanye West revealed that the photos would then be assembled into a “sexy” Polaroid photo book for her hubby’s eyes only come Valentine’s Day.


“It ended up turning out so cool that we come up with this idea to do a book, a selfie book,” Kardashian dished on her reality show.

“And so, I’m going to make some super-racy. I mean, every girl takes full pictures of their [rear] in the mirror ... I might share some of them.”

Now, now not every girl takes photos like this. Nevertheless, this Kardashian has found a way to make a living out of it.

So for $19.95 a pop, expect to see selfies of all kinds. Selfies in bathrooms. Selfies on yachts. Elephant selfies, maybe?

As usual, looks like almost nothing will be off-limits.