Lady Gaga fires back at haters amid 'Do What U Want' release

Lady Gaga addressed her haters through a Twitter tirade Sunday pegged to the midnight release of her latest single, "Do What U Want."

The theatrical "Applause" singer also revealed the cover art to her latest track, which features R. Kelly and is essentially a nearly NSFW closeup of her backside in a thong.


Do what you want, indeed.

But the more poignant reveal saw the bravado-filled singer addressing various rumors about her career, comparisons to Madonna, chart rivalry with "Roar" singer Katy Perry and her personal life. The 27-year-old tweeted each accusation along with her response, sometimes a few visual aids and a hashtag or two promoting lyrics from the pop song.

"LADY GAGA IS FAT NOW! #DoWhatUWantWithMyBody," she wrote, sharing

looking overweight in a red costume.

"LADY GAGA IS A REDUCTIVE MADONNA COPY! SHE'S OVER NOW! #WriteWhatUWant #SayWhatUWantBoutMe #ImNotSorry," she wrote, sharing a side-by-side photo of herself and the "Material Girl" similarly wearing their blond hair in high ponytails while singing.

"LADY GAGA IS ON DRUGS! HER CAREER IS OVER! (been an addict for 10years) #WriteWhatUWant My recovery is a daily battle," she said, posting a picture of herself smoking.

"GOD HATES LADY GAGA! #YouCantHaveMyHeart ill always fight for equality, got my own relationship with God," she said.

"APPLAUSE didn't DEBUT AT #1! KATY IS BETTER THAN HER! #UWontUseMyMind I write for the music not the charts," she quipped.

"MADONNA HATES GAGA SHES OVER ... i dont need anybodys permission to be remembered. I will be. Whether they like it or not," she wrote, sharing a YouTube video of Madonna talking about Gaga's references to her.

Despite the detractors, the vocal performer has been fiercely promoting her upcoming album, "Artpop." Last week, Mother Monster poured her heart out to fans as she talked about the new album, which is due Nov. 11, and has the lofty task of being the "album of the millennium."

"I feel like crying seeing your excitement for the new music it means the world to me, this music is my life," she wrote, adding: "Each song on ARTPOP was inspired by different types of adrenalin, so it's an expression of the various rushes. I want you to feel them."


She also said that she "sang the songs over and over until they transformed into a part of" her, and that's when they "pressed record."

Gaga, who has already locked in a Thanksgiving special with "The Muppets," no less, plans to unveil a new song from the album each week leading up to its release, according to CBS News.


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