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‘Peter Pan Live': Celebrities get their snark on live-tweeting the show

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Kendrick, Judge Reinhold add their 2 cents -- or more -- to the ‘Peter Pan Live’ experience

"Peter Pan Live" brought out the cheeky side of Twitter on Thursday night, with celebrities including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa Gilbert, Anna Kendrick and Sarah Silverman following along as NBC aired the musical, starring Allison Williams.

A visual gag from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" star Judge Reinhold perhaps took the crown for the night -- or at least the hat.

"There are only two women in #PETERPANLIVE and they're both Christopher Walken," Silverman said after dubbing the Captain Hook actor "spectacular."

In what user @Mossback dubbed a "Melissa Gilbert Rorshach Test," the onetime "Little House on the Prairie" actress wondered out loud, "Is anyone else seeing how much those trees look like foreskins?"

"Poor #Wendy doesn't she realize she's not #peters type #PeterPanLive - we've all been there honey," said Gellar. "It's called #Neverland for a reason"

Kendrick agreed -- "Wendy is totally in the friend zone. #WeveAllBeenThereBB" -- and shared her own dilemma: "Watching a grown woman play an adolescent boy is perhaps the most sexually confusing moment of my life."

But the "Into the Woods" actress also offered congratulations at the end of her snarky live-tweeting binge, noting that the musical, which was televised live on the East Coast, was a "hell of a thing to pull off."

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