Ryan Reynolds confirms his daughter’s traditional-for-a-boy name

We knew Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had had a baby girl, and it’s a good thing that was stipulated already -- because we wouldn’t have known from her name alone.

It’s James.

The “Woman in Gold” star confirmed the name -- which “everyone” already knew, he said, pretty much in February -- on a taped “Today” segment that aired Friday. But not before taunting the public one last time.

“It’s Butternut Summersquash,” he told Willie Geist, in response to the host’s query about whether the baby had, in fact, been dubbed Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds, as the new dad had declared in a previous chat on the show.


Aw, just kidding, no Baby Butternut. But it’s also not Violet, as had been rumored following the low-key December birth. Reynolds squashed that one even before the unconfirmed “James” reports bubbled up.

No need to pine over Violet, however: That moniker was snapped up nearly a decade ago by one of the Garner-Affleck kids, so Violet remains in the celebrity baby name pantheon of names, albeit on the “that’s so normal” end of the spectrum.

“Everyone knows” that James’ name is James,” Reynolds maintained on “Today,” “and I told everyone who would listen before it was out there that I didn’t want to be the first guy screaming it out to the media because, as we know, little girls turn into teenage girls and little teenage girls sometimes scan through the archives and go, ‘Why did you do that?’”

Still unclear: Whether “that” would refer to broadcasting his daughter’s name to the masses, or selecting that specific name for her.

Hey, when mom’s name is Ryan and dad is called Blake -- wait, duh, it’s the other way around -- naming a girl James just makes sense.


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