Scott Disick is having a lousy week -- and he might be kidding himself too

It's a lousy week to be Scott Disick, who's been getting the full dumpee treatment in the wake of his split with Kourtney Kardashian last weekend.

He might, however, not exactly be getting the message.


"He says that he is not upset that the relationship is over, because 'over' doesn't always mean 'over,' " a source told People on Thursday. "He has left open the door to getting back with her."

Well, Kardashian's door was definitely open Wednesday, as her baby daddy's things were moved out of their Calabasas house and into his Beverly Hills pad.

The mother of three is said to have arranged the purge, which, according to TMZ,  happened while Penelope Disick's third birthday was being celebrated by family members at Disneyland. The outlet said it was unclear whether Disick, who's been in Florida, knew his belongings were headed to the $3.5-million house he bought in December.

The self-proclaimed Lord's assistants were the ones hauling the designer duds, the New York Daily News reported. Purple and orange pants? A blue-green-yellow leopard-print shirt? Really? (Suddenly the split is making even more sense ...)

After being noticeably absent during his birthday outing — and slammed for it — Disick made a belated online gesture that seemed as much about himself as it was about his 3-year-old, who probably doesn't hang out much on Instagram yet.

"1 of the only things I'm proud off about myself. Happybdayp," he wrote, captioning a montage of six pics of his kid, most of which appeared to be paparazzi shots available online via a quick Google image search.

Disick reportedly took a spin through the rehab turnstile last Sunday — after a month's worth of partying that included canoodling time with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli and before news of the split went public. He headed into a facility in Florida only to leave hours later.

"Friends got really worried about Scott after he went on a bender during his France trip and urged him to enter a rehab facility," a source told Us Weekly.

A previous trip to a Costa Rican facility in March lasted only a week, and E! News said Thursday that friends were now urging the party boy to go to rehab for real.

"It's safe to say that everyone is upset with Scott, including Scott himself," a source told the outlet.

At least one night of partying has been undone: Disick has reportedly canceled his Friday-night hosting gig at 1OAK in Las Vegas.

Actually, if there's a big winner in this, it's probably the nightclub, which has been repeatedly mentioned all week in stories about the breakup.

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