Scott Stapp loses custody of kids, may have threatened to kill Obama

Creed singer Scott Stapp's life is even more complicated than it seemed two weeks ago when he posted a video declaring he was homeless, broke and under "attack."

A Florida judge on Friday gave full legal and physical custody of his children to estranged wife Jaclyn Stapp, TMZ said. She filed for divorce in November and had asked that he be committed to a psychiatric hospital for 60 days, but has reportedly rescinded the second request.


The custody decision was only one milestone in his apparent unraveling. The day after Scott Stapp's rambling Nov. 27 Facebook message made news, TMZ reported that he'd previously been placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold Nov. 13 after cops found him on the side of a road.

A police report obtained by the website said Stapp had warned his son's school on Nov. 10 that it was about to become the target of an attack by ISIS, the Islamic militant group. The 41-year-old appeared wasted and incoherent when police took him in, according to TMZ.

The report said Jaclyn Stapp told police that her husband had been hearing voices and was on an extended drug binge that included myriad substances, according to the website.

On Friday, TMZ released a segment of a 911 call made by Jaclyn Stapp seeking help for Scott Stapp, who she said was on a bike with two backpacks full of what he thought were government documents.

"He thinks he's part of CIA, he thinks they are trying to kill him and he has a bunch of paperwork in his backpack that he's a CIA agent and he was supposed to assassinate Obama."

Around that time, apparently, Scott Stapp also called 911, telling the operator that his wife had stolen his car and was going to sell it and keep the money. The operator explained that because they were married, the car had not been stolen.

"I can't believe in America that someone can take your vehicle, sell it without your permission and keep the money," he said in audio obtained by TMZ. "What kind of country do we live in? And I'm on a bicycle since she stole my car. Yeah. And she threatened to blackmail me, and said if I went to the police about the stolen money, then she would release to the public supposed pictures she said she has or anything else she can to do defame me and ruin my reputation and my career. She's already began that."

A Secret Service spokeswoman told People on Friday that the agency responsible for protecting the president was aware of the possible threat and would "take appropriate action."

In the first of what were reportedly three Facebook videos -- they've been taken down -- Stapp talked over the course of 16 minutes about how money had been stolen from him and said he was under a "pretty vicious attack" from his banks, the IRS and others who wanted to ruin ruin his reputation with what he called unfounded rumors.

Authorities did a wellness visit at the end of November, TMZ said, with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department saying the "With Arms Wide Open" singer was OK.

In Jaclyn Stapp's divorce filing, the Miami Herald reported, she presented alleged threats her husband of eight years had made against her and their three kids.

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