‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer: See Emma Watson as Belle, living your childhood dreams

Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans star in the live-action movie “Beauty and the Beast.”

After weeks of eager anticipation, fans of the “tale as old as time” can finally feast their eyes on the first trailer for Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens fill the eponymous roles and both look the part (even if Stevens’ makeup resembles that of Beast from the 1980s TV series more than the animated version’s).

The story is familiar, with Belle’s father getting caught by the Beast while trespassing on his land and Belle agreeing to take her father’s place in captivity.


Once inside the castle, Belle learns that not everything is as it seems, perhaps a greater lesson she’ll learn by the end of the film.

The adaptation from animation is an interesting challenge, particularly with a story as beloved as the animated “Beauty and the Beast” is.

There are talking teacups and swirling dance numbers and the theme underscoring the entire trailer, but does this live-action retelling have the magic of Disney’s first go-round?

Audiences will find out when Disney releases “Beauty and the Beast” on March 17.

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