Exclusive trailer debut of Syfy’s Arthur C. Clarke series ‘Childhood’s End’

Watch the exclusive trailer debut of Syfy’s Arthur C. Clarke series “Childhood’s End.” 


We’re exclusively premiering the new trailer for Syfy’s miniseries “Childhood’s End,” which just debuted at Comic-Con on Saturday morning. Get a good look at what Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi novel will look like in real life, right now.

Set in a world that’s already been conquered by aliens, this trailer actually shows the big “first contact” moment. “There’s no need to be afraid,” says the alien voiceover. “We’ve come to help mankind. We are not conquerors.”

This alien supervisor promises to bring peace, love and security for everyone on Earth, ushering mankind into a new golden age. Of course, a promise of utopia is too good to be true.


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At the panel, director Nick Hurran warned fans, “As much as it’s about this giant event, it’s about the way the characters live with that event.” Joining Hurran on the panel were actors Julian McMahon, Daisy Betts and Yael Stone, as well as writer Matthew Graham.

McMahon, who plays Rupert Boyce, described his character as a “philanthropic billionaire” with a doctorate who is, “a kind of conduit between the overlords for their transportation of animals and other things.”

When asked what makes people skeptical about the notion of utopia, Betts responded, “One person’s utopia is not the same as the others’. How can there be one utopia for everyone?”

Stone, who plays Peretta, a character that does not appear in the novel, is the most skeptical of the bunch. “Peretta has a pretty strong stance against the overlords,” said Stone about her character. “She represents faith in the story. She has a strong moral compass. When we reach utopia, do we still need faith? That fuels her fight.”

While careful to avoid any spoilers, both Hurran and Graham reassured fans of the book that they go “pretty geeky” in the series. And, yes, Karellen (played by “Game of Thrones” Charles Dance), will look like Karellen. So rest easy, die-hard Arthur C. Clarke fans.


“Childhood’s End” will premiere in December.

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