A look at the inner workings of Disney’s animated short ‘Inner Workings’

Take a look inside “Inner Workings,” the short film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, with these delightful Disneyfied anatomical designs and concept art. 

The Leo Matsuda-directed short “Inner Workings” takes place in the innards of their main character starring his heart, lungs, intestine and brains. The short attempts to illustrate the battle between the head and the heart, asking the age-old question of when should you listen to your heart versus your head? 

Debuting before the feature film “Moana,” “Inner Workings” is getting its own fair share of notice as well, including a spot on the list of short films eligible for voting for the 2017 Academy Awards.

And now the designers and artists behind the body humor are revealing their earlier designs for “Inner Workings,” including artist Nicholas Orsi, whose collection of work revealed a set of characters that were cut from the final project, a pair of kidneys! 

Mike Yamada, who works in visual development at Disney, also shared a few pieces of his concept art from the short. One thing that’s interesting about this early art is it appears that “Inner Workings” wasn’t always set in the Venice Beach-looking setting from the final film.

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Bouncing off of that, it also looks like the main characters love interest wasn’t the sunglass-selling vendor, but someone who works in the office scenario. Again, these images are from very early pitching sessions, but it’s fun to see how the idea for “Inner Workings” morphed over time. 

Hat tip to io9 for pointing out these fantastic illustrations.

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