Marvel gives ‘Jessica Jones’ a release date and her first teaser trailer

Jessica Jones may not be the most well-known superhero in the Marvel-verse, but neither were the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” And with talent like writer Brian Michael Bendis (the superhero comic creator) behind this drama and actors like Krysten Ritter and David Tennant cast in the leads, we’re expecting big things from this Netflix series. Here’s a first look.

Netflix has finally announced the air date for the hotly anticipated comic-to-TV adaptation, “Jessica Jones. The series will premiere Nov. 20 -- that’s right around the corner.

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The comics follow Jessica Jones, a superhero turned private investigator after her stint as a caped crusader ended in tragedy. It’s a look into what would happen to a person who spent their time battling evil minds and forces, and how they would cope mentally and physically if their hero-ing didn’t work out the way they planned.


Jessica Jones is also a future member of Marvel’s Defenders (think of them as Netflix’s grittier Avengers team) which includes Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Luke Cage (who will be played by (Mike Colter on the “Jessica Jones” series and will eventually get his own Netflix spin off) and the Iron Fist (who has yet to be cast).

“Jessica Jones” will be made up of 13 one-hour episodes. Fingers crossed for this one -- it’s got a lot to live up to from its comic origin story.


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