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WonderCon 2019: ‘Dark Phoenix’ panel debuts new footage of the X-Men in space

BV_0150_v0028_SNL.1231 – Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain in Twentieth Century Fox’s DARK PHOE
Sophie Turner, left, and Jessica Chastain in “Dark Phoenix.”
(20th Century Fox)

The cast and crew of “Dark Phoenix” teased the full power of the Phoenix Force during its WonderCon 2019 presentation, bringing two never-before-seen clips and plenty of behind-the-scenes stories.

On hand to deliver these treats to the attendees that packed the arena of the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday were actors Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Nicholas Hoult, Alexandra Shipp, Evan Peters and Kodi Smit-McPhee, director Simon Kinberg and producer Hutch Parker.

Kinberg, who makes his directorial debut with “Dark Phoenix,” was immediately asked how the movie ends.

“Everybody dies,” Kinberg joked, referencing that other Marvel franchise. “They turn to dust.”


Turner, on the other hand, could not escape being asked about the much-anticipated final season of “Game of Thrones.”

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The actress, who has played Sansa Stark on the HBO series since its debut, pretended to entertain the question for only a second before immediately shutting down that line of inquiry.

Turner and her castmates, however, were very open about the little things that both delighted and embarrassed them when playing mutants with superpowers.


Shipp, for one, definitely enjoyed the action scenes where she got to fight as Storm.

“Storm is totally used to it [fighting], but Alex is losing her mind,” said Shipp.

Turner, on the other hand, felt silly in the bald cap she had to wear for the special effects involving her floating hair.

“I look like Megamind. It’s terrible,” said Turner. “You don’t feel cool.”

But one moment that did make her feel cool was when they filmed a scene involving Jean controlling a helicopter using an actual helicopter.

(Warning: Some “Dark Phoenix” spoilers from the brand-new clips below).

In addition to receiving a special exclusive poster, the audience was first treated to a 10-minute clip from early in the film, showing the X-Men on a rescue mission in space where they encounter some solar flares.


Comic-book fans familiar with Chris Claremont’s “Dark Phoenix Saga” might see where this is going.

The X-Men in the new clip are a pretty cohesive team, with Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) clearly in charge on the field. But Nightcrawler (Smit-McPhee), Quicksilver (Peters), Cyclops (Sheridan), Storm (Shipp) and Jean (Turner) all get some moments to shine.

But there are some tensions between Raven and Xavier (James McAvoy) who argue about the amount of risk the professor is all too happy to let the team take in order to show the world that mutants are heroes.

She even points out that it’s the women who do the heavy lifting.

“The women are always saving the men around here,” says Raven. “You might want to think about changing the name to X-Women.”

The second clip was from much later in the movie and all is not right within the X-Men team. Namely, a battle unfolds in the streets of New York City between Jean, those who intend to take her down to avenge Mystique (led by Magneto) and those who want to stop them (led by Xavier). It’s the kind of large-scale fight that will likely please fans of superhero movies.

“Dark Phoenix” is scheduled to hit theaters on June 7.


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