Calendar Letters: Another kind of view from space

Although the site above, presented in National Geographic's “One Strange Rock” series, looks like a meteor crater, it’s actually what is thought to be regular land erosion
Although the site above, presented in National Geographic’s “One Strange Rock” series, looks like a meteor crater, it’s actually what is thought to be regular land erosion
(NASA / National Geographic)

Regarding “The Mother Ship” [March 24]: The article included a picture of the Richat Structure, mislabeled (presumably by the creators of the “One Strange Rock” series) as a meteor crater. Although its circular structure is similar to that of many meteor craters, it has none of the properties associated with meteor impacts, such as “shocked” minerals created by the high speeds associated with such impacts, and the ejection of large amounts of displaced material. Richat is now recognized as merely being an unusual example of normal erosion of a geological dome.

Courtney Seligman, professor emeritus of astronomy, Long Beach City College


‘Forsyte’ role is unforgettable


Regarding “He Revels in Playing the Imperfections” [March 25]: How could you leave out Damian Lewis’ performance as the hateful Soames in “The Forsyte Saga” on PBS? His portrayal of this horrible man shows what a truly brilliant actor he is.

Holly Traister

North Hollywood

Hey, hey, he’s into science too

You included a well-written and touching letter on Stephen Hawking [“Calendar Feedback: Not a Trace of Doubt in His Mind,” March 25]. It was signed by Micky Dolenz. Is that the same Micky Dolenz who was one of the members of the 1960s pop/rock group the Monkees?

If it is, I congratulate him for breaking out of the stereotype of the role we often assign people in show business and writing such an intelligent tribute to a real giant of science. I don’t know whether to thank you for treating the letter like a regular one or to point out that you missed the significance of the letter.

Dan Branstrom

Desert Hot Springs

Editor’s note: The letter in question indeed was from Micky Dolenz of the Monkees.

A plea for return of kids section

Thank you for upgrading the Sunday comics. I would urge you to put the kids section back in as well. That is what got me reading the paper on a daily basis.

Audrey Kline, 11

La Cañada Flintridge

Comics with a real impact

Regarding Saturday comics [March 24]: Kudos to Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman (“Baby Blues”) and Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman (“Zits”) for their portrayals of the March for Our Lives. Way to go.

Melvin Langsam

West Hills


I buy the L.A. Times as much for the comics as anything else. I have comments on two strips: “Get Fuzzy” seems to be in long-ago reprints like “Doonesbury,” although the strips are not identified as such. For example, a recent strip talked about 2006. Also, “9 Chickweed Lane” has been one of my favorites for years because of its insights into relationships. Recently, the strip is often about sex, usually between Edda and Amos but also between incidental characters. I think it’s the first daily strip to actually show/imply sexual intercourse in process. I guess you’re OK with that? I just thought I’d let you know we readers are still here.

Henry Hespenheide

Hermosa Beach

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