Teen readers move upward and onward

'Stormdancer' by author Jay Kristoff
(St. Martin’s Press Publicity)

Readers of young adult fiction have more choices than ever before. Still, just as adults are “reading down,” many teens are also “reading up.” What does that mean? Some teens are turning to titles intended for adults that feature young protagonists.


By Jay Kristoff
Thomas Dunne Books, 336 pp.: $24.99

The kickoff to a new fantasy series is dystopian steam punk set in feudal Japan with a strong female lead. (September)


The Yellow Birds

By Kevin Powers
Little, Brown, 240 pp.: $24.99

Two young American soldiers struggle to protect each other from insurgents, fatigue and other perils of the Iraq War. (September)

The Round House


By Louise Erdrich
Harper, 336 pp.: $25.99

When a woman is violently attacked, her 13-year-old son tries to find her assailant and bring him to justice only to grow frustrated and take matters into his own hands. (October)

A Fistful of Collars

By Spencer Quinn
Atria Books, 320 pp.: $25


A canine narrator and his human, private investigator partner are hired to keep tabs on a misbehaving Hollywood actor in this comedic mystery written pseudonymously by thriller author, Peter Abrahams. (September)

The Elementals

By Francesca Lia Block
St. Martin’s, 320 pp.: $24.99, for readers TKTK

A college coed struggles with being away from home for the first time while her mother battles cancer and a friend has gone missing. (October)