Comedy Store’s Mitzi Shore fondly remembered for creating ‘a home away from home’

Mitzi Shore, owner of the Comedy Store, in 1993.
(Patrick Downs / Los Angeles Times)

Mitzi Shore, the owner of the Comedy Store who died early Wednesday in Los Angeles, was remembered on social media both before and after her death as a woman who created a special place for comics.

“Mitzi Shore, created a home away from home. A unique sanctuary filled with stale smoke and alcohol, sometimes drugs. Where voices were heard, that pushed beyond comfortable, and somewhere in there was profound laughter and showers of truth,” Rain Pryor, daughter of Richard Pryor, posted on Instagram.

“She watched as Mom and Dad grew up, and I played and slept under booths, roamed hallways filled with comedy ghost. REST IN PEACE and own that comedy club in the sky.”


Kathy Griffin called her “a woman in a male dominated business who pulled no punches, something I always admired.”

Pauly Shore, who had been helping care for his mother in the days ahead of her death, asked people a few days ago to send their thoughts in advance, while she could still appreciate their sentiments.

“The reason why I have been Canceling shows and have been laying low on Social is that mom Mitzi. Shore has been on hospice let’s all prey [sic] she when she goes to heaven she go peaceful I know she was loved by many of you,” her son tweeted Saturday.

Whitney Cummings, Joe Rogan and Tom Arnold heeded the call.

“Thank you Mitzi for welcoming me & allowing me 2 be on your palace stage with my heroes,” Arnold tweeted Sunday.

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