Fast Track: Chuck Lorre's battle with Charlie Sheen seems to be taking its toll

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Friday.

Chuck Lorre admits that the Charlie Sheen debacle is getting him down. Dude needs some tiger blood. (Los Angeles Times)

Last week, Casey Abrams got a save on "American Idol." This week, two people went home instead of one. Did he survive again? (Los Angeles Times)

Stand down, "Mad Men" fans: Matt Weiner is back on the show and all systems are go. (Los Angeles Times)

The traditional tourist tours of the stars' homes is taking a TMZ turn. (Los Angeles Times)

Elton John sides with "Glee" in the great "Glee" vs. Kings of Leon battle. (Hollywood Reporter)

Stephen King and John Mellencamp's ghostly musical is set to open in Atlanta next year. (Huffington Post)

Betty White is set to host a senior citizen prank show called "Betty White's Off Their Rockers." This could have a bad ending ... (Los Angeles Times)

Rainn Wilson says he's ready for when "The Office" ends. (Huffington Post)

McG is jumping into the comic book game. Because his movies were forcing him to tell too many nuanced and layered stories? (Deadline)

"Bones' " Emily Deschanel has a baby on the way. (People)

If you think the whistling on Brad Paisley's new album sounds familiar ... you're right. (Contact Music)

Susan Boyle has turned 50. (Scottish Daily Record)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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