Glenn Ford in the driver's seat


Ford became a full-fledged star in this 1946 romantic noir that reteamed him with Rita Hayworth. He played small-time gambler Johnny Farrell in Buenos Aires who has a love-hate relationship with his former gal pal, Gilda.

'Blackboard Jungle'

Ford received glowing reviews for Richard Brooks' gritty 1955 drama about teachers at an inner-city New York high school. Ford stars as Richard Dadier, a teacher at the school who tries in vain to challenge his rough-and-tumble students.

'The Teahouse of the August Moon'

Ford got the opportunity to show his comedic side in this popular 1956 comedy based on the award-winning play about the U.S. occupation of Japan after the war. Ford plays Capt. Fisby, who is sent to Americanize a village on Okinawa.

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