Wednesday's TV highlights


American Idol: The seven contestants perform songs from the 21st century in this new episode (8 p.m. Fox).

Better With You: Maddie (Jennifer Finnigan) is starting to have doubts about the cute story Mia (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) is telling about how she met Casey (Jake Lacy) and Mia suspects Maddie and Ben's (Josh Cooke) meeting story isn't entirely true either, in this new episode (8:30 p.m. ABC).

Nova: The new episode "Power Surge" examines technological innovations designed to combat global warming including the controversial concept of clean coal (9 p.m. KOCE).

Saving the Bay: This four-part documentary series traces the history of the San Francisco Bay and the impact — both positive and negative — that human habitation has had on its environment (10 p.m. KOCE).


Saving Pelican 895: This new documentary chronicles the efforts of conservationists, wildlife activists and government agencies to rescue birds caught in last year's massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, focusing on one young brown pelican, the 895th of his species to be rescued (9 p.m. HBO).

Jesus: The Lost 40 Days: The New Testament says 40 days elapsed between Jesus' resurrection and his ascension, and in this new two-hour special, scholars attempt to find out by consulting alternative sources (9 p.m. History).


Baseball: The Milwaukee Brewers visit the Philadelphia Phillies (10 a.m. MLB); the Minnesota Twins visit the Baltimore Orioles (4 p.m. ESPN); the Angels visit the Texas Rangers (5 p.m. MyNet); the Braves visit the Dodgers (7 p.m. FS Prime).

Hockey: NHL playoffs: The Washington Capitals visit the New York Rangers (4 p.m. VS); the Ducks visit the Nashville Predators (5:30 p.m. KDOC); the Philadelphia Flyers visit the Buffalo Sabres (6:30 p.m. VS); the Detroit Red Wings visit the Phoenix Coyotes (7:30 p.m. VS).

Basketball: NBA playoffs: The Denver Nuggets visit the Oklahoma City Thunder (5 p.m. TNT); the New Orleans Hornets visit the Lakers (7:30 p.m. FSN and TNT).

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