Fast Track: Will Alec Baldwin be the next Keith Olbermann?

A roundup of Wednesday morning’s arts and entertainment headlines:

Is MSNBC thinking of hiring Alec Baldwin to replace Keith Olbermann? (Pop Eater)

The stars aren’t the only ones getting a makeover for the Oscars -- “The King’s Speech” is getting a new ad campaign and may even be recut. (Company Town)

The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch has been killed. How long do we really think this will last? (Hero Complex)


This isn’t some compilation CD, this is real: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax are teaming up for their own music festival. (Los Angeles Times)

Ke$ha’s ex-managers are anxious that the slow wheels of justice will cause them to miss out on $14 million they say the singer owes them. (Los Angeles Times)

The Jesse James-Nazi picture scandal machine just keeps on rolling. (Now with 25% more Nazi pictures!) (Us Magazine)

Jimmy Buffet has been hospitalized after falling face-first off the stage during an Australian concert. (Los Angeles Times)


Kings of Leon dared to deny “Glee” the use of their song, and now they have earned the wrath of Ryan Murphy. BEWARE! (Hollywood Reporter)

John Travolta has turned down a guest spot on “Glee” -- will he get called names by Ryan Murphy too? (New York Post)

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are the proud parents of a little boy. (Hollywood Reporter)

The fourth season of “Jersey Shore” will take place far from the Jersey Shore ... in Italy. (Los Angeles Times)


-- Patrick Kevin Day

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