Miley Cyrus heads to the ER to fix a blender-bloodied hand

Miley Cyrus hightailed it to the emergency room Monday evening for a little repair work on her left hand, which had been wounded in battle -- apparently with a kitchen appliance.

Her ER trip followed after a mishap at her Toluca Lake home, according to TMZ, which said Miley’s mom, grandma and beau Liam Hemsworth all went along for the ride.

“I’m all stitched up & have on a splint so I’m good. As you can tell by my expression [in pictures taken by a paparazzo], didn’t feel so good. Curse u blender!” Cyrus said Tuesday on Twitter, revealing the scenario’s mechanical villain.

Speaking of villains, the singer-and-actress-turned-just-an-actress-now wasn’t too thrilled about paparazzi snapping shots of her leaving the ER (everyday-dressed in leather boots and a long sweater over a black-and-white, skull-emblazoned, short-shorts romper).

“As you can tell by the horrible faces I’m making I obviously didn’t know they were there,” she tweeted in response to a fan site that had wished her well. “Pretty messed up following me to ER.”

That’s gotta hurt.


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