Lindsay Lohan works her club magic; bad things allegedly ensue

Lindsay Lohan plus a nightclub equals bad mojo, it seems, no matter what she’s actually doing at the place.

Lilo, who just two weeks ago was accused of shoving a woman at the Smoke & Mirrors club at the Standard hotel on Sunset, allegedly wound up on the wrong side of a thrown drink at that same club Wednesday night, where she’d been hanging out in a booth with dad Michael Lohan (apparently, they’re speaking again).

Michael had joined his daughter at the Standard, according to TMZ, after a friend who was driving her car hit another car in the Standard parking garage and Lindsay called him for help.

Calling in to TMZ Live on Thursday, Michael Lohan said nobody in their booth had been drinking alcohol, but confirmed that his daughter had cussed at a woman after a comment was made about father and daughter being together at the club.


Regarding the incident said to have happened on April 5, Lilo’s rep called the story “a lie” and said the actress had been at home that night watching TV; a report citing a law-enforcement source later surfaced, alleging that a surveillance video showed her at the club that night.

At the March 29 hearing that ended Lohan’s formal probation related to 2007 DUI charges -- she remains on informal probation, and must “obey all laws” -- Judge Stephanie Sautner stopped short of delivering a lecture.

She did, however, advise the 25-year-old to “live your life in a more mature way. Stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”

Hard to argue with that.


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